LGRA Results

Top 10 Irish Wolfhounds - LGRA 2015

  Call Name Registered Name Owners NGRC Points 2015
1 Ellie Starkeeper Antrim's Elvira Of Echohounds GRC Totton/Gagne 12.00 11.50
2 Penny-P Glenamadda Independence Day GRC Prokopenko 19.00 10.00
3 Trish Eirian's Quickfire Trish O'Tailstorm Abrams/Coen 8.25 6.25
4 Finn-B Nunneleys Finnigan of Wayside Kansas Biehler 5.25 5.25
5 Esther Nightwing's Sequester @ Prairie Creek Smalley 4.50 4.50
6 Brekka Karontara's Brekka At Tantara Patterson 4.00 4.00
7 Wallace Sir Wallace Crawford GRC Crawford 14.00 4.00
7 Dee Gladstone's Donna Marie Of Rathkeale Johnson 4.00 4.00
7 Woopie Franjo Pearla Dubh At Aeroglen Bryson/Walker 4.00 4.00
10 Rigel Taliesin's Realta Gheal I Bodach GRC Atkinson 15.25 3.75

IWCC  - LGRA Quebec June 2013

IWCC Quebec Regional Specialty LGRA meet

MANY thanks are in order... to all of our donors who helped to make it possible to hold this LGRA meet (Lani Hopf-King; Sylvia Tamm; Celeste Atkinson, Jocelyne Gagne, Louise Bouchat-Laird, Yves Rouleau, Jeanne Patterson, Luisa Finberg ).  My personal thank you to Lani Hopf-King and Sylvia Tamm for their work as Trophy co-chairs and their relentless pursuit of donations!

Thanks to Luisa Finberg, Dave and Margie Milne, Donna Campbell, DVM and Jeanne Patterson we were able to offer a lovely array of prizes.  The much coveted turtle award was donated by the Milnes and the BOS trophy was a hand tooled leather lead and collar with BUNNIES on it, donated by Jeanne.  Luisa Finberg created pottery bowls and pitchers which she offered as trophies.. they were beautiful original works of art and Luisa brought enough pottery that each of our volunteers were also able to take home one of her lovely creations!  Donna Campbell, DVM of Rose City Animal Hospital in Welland, donated a puppy package to each entrant.

We had some fabulous volunteers this year ( 6 of them not running dogs) so thank you for coming out to help us.  Guylaine and her husband were there to lend a hand and take the winning photos. New friends from Ottawa area, Sean and Fay Devlin helped out with set up, take down, foul judging, and releasing... as did IWCC Quebec club member Sonia and her boyfriend Jocelyn. Malcolm and Andrea helped with the track lay out and set  up on Saturday after the show.   Special thanks to John Fitzgerald who ran the lure and directed the track set up, and who also brought bread and cold cuts so that we could all make our own lunch after we ran the hounds!  Our specialty judge Marion Finney and my friend Eileen Flannagan served as our finish line judges on the day, and brought a case of water for the participants. Louise Bouchat-Laird and Lani Hopf-King helped with set up & take down, and many other tasks in between!   THANK YOU to everyone who made this such a great event, and helped to keep things moving.  You were awesome!  As a Race Secretary I know how important it is to have great volunteers!

We had an entry of 8 starters.  The morning was hot and humid, but for the most part the dogs managed well.  We wrapped up the meet just in time... as everyone finished their sandwiches & scurried to their vehicles,  the skies opened up and the rains fell!

And now to the winners:

High Score and FTE and High Score Conformation Champion was Audrey Wright's Sean ( aka GCH UKC CH CAN CH Glenamadda Starkeeper Connery, RN,)   SEAN is co-owned with Jocelyne Gagne, and Susan Prokopenko

2nd high Score was Luisa Finberg's MAISEY ( aka Starkeeper Maid of the Mist, SGRC) - also High Score Veteran and Best of Opposite  Maisey is co-owned with Jocelyne Gagne

3rd High Score -  CLOUD (Knocknarea Zacob) owned by Jeanne Patterson

4th High Score was John Fitzgerald's BRAE (Ch. Kellamore Braemar of Fitzwick)


IWCC  - LGRA Quebec June 2012

Photo Gallery


High Score - Starkeeper Maid of the Mist, SGRC ( Maisey)

High Score BOS - Starkeeper Glenamadda Fyrenze of Gryffindor (Fyre)

Third/Turtle - Knocknarea Zacob (Cloud)

Fourth - Starkeeper Fitzwick C's Legacy (Lacey)

Fifth - Ch. Laislinn Long Road to Caoihme (Caoihme)

Fifth High Score FTE - RoyelJokers Came'N Went (Rohan)


Date: April 21, 2013

Photo Gallery


First/High Score

Taliesin's Realta Gheal I Bodach          Owner: Atkinson/Smith

Second BOS High Score Conformation Champion

Ch. Sylverwolf Sage          Owner: Tamm

Third/High Score Field Champion

Ch. Starkeeper Glenamadda Fyrenze of Gryffindor, F.Ch               Owner: Gagne

Tied for Third

Glenamadda Wolfholm Hy Cormac         Owner: Lambert


Flying Ciara             Owner: Creel


Starkeeper Cuhaven Thumper      Owner: Duncan/Gagne

Best Veteran

Starkeeper California Ierne    Owner: Boldok/Gagne

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