To the Members of the IWCC

July 1, 2020

National Specialty, AGM and 2020 Board of Director Elections

As I am sure everyone is aware the recent pandemic of Covid 19 has impacted all of us on many levels.

NATIONAL SPECIALTY   In the interest of the health and safety of our members, judges and officials, the Show Committee for the 2020 National, with the full support of the Board of Directors, has postponed the specialty to 2021.  All of the judges elected for the ensuing years for our Nationals have also agreed to fulfill their assignments one year later.

2020 AGM   The cancellation of the specialty show has left us with a problem in terms of holding the AGM as our Bylaws specify it is held in conjunction with the Club’s National Specialty.

In an effort to keep everyone safe and to maximize member participation your Board of Directors has chosen to follow a path similar to that of the Canadian Kennel Club and the Irish Wolfhound Club of America and conduct our 2020 AGM via a ZOOM meeting.  The AGM will be held on Saturday September 19, 2020 at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. That is the weekend the Specialty and AGM would normally be held.

A tutorial on how to join in will be posted on our club website.  You don’t have to use a computer and can join by phone if you choose to do so.   A computer, however, will allow you to view the powerpoint presentation.  Additionally we are planning a dry run on Zoom for Saturday September 12, also at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. We invite you to participate in the dry run to identify any technology challenges in time to address them before the actual meeting, as it is difficult to troubleshoot issues while a meeting is happening.

The meeting will follow the traditional agenda with annual reports being provided by Club officers and committees, and as always, the election results will also be revealed at the AGM  However, due to the platform of the meeting, we will not be having any live voting at the AGM itself – all voting will be completed electronically before the meeting.

Members are always welcome to submit questions or items they wish to see voted on at the AGM. Due to the challenges posed during the current Covid situation, if members have questions or items they wish to see addressed or voted on at this AGM, they are requested to submit  them to the Club Secretary in writing, by 12 noon Eastern Standard Time on July 15th.  This will allow the Board sufficient time to respond or to organize an on-line (OPA) vote prior to the AGM.

2020 BOARD OF DIRECTOR ELECTIONS   As required by our Bylaws, nominations for the 2020 elections also close at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time on July 15th. Nominations must be submitted to the Club Secretary in writing, signed by two (2) members and accompanied by a written acceptance from your nominee/s stating willingness to be a candidate.

The elections for the 2020 to 2022 Board of Directors will be conducted by electronic voting (OPA).  We intend to have the slate circulated to the membership by August 1, 2020, well in advance of the start of voting on August 10th 2020.  Voting will close on September 10, 2020 and the results announced at the AGM. Please ensure the Secretary has your current e-mail address, or provide her with the e-mail address you intend to use for voting. We encourage everyone to vote electronically, and will be happy to provide a short tutorial to anyone unsure of the process.   If voting electronically is still not possible, please contact the Secretary by August 1st  to make other arrangements.


Jocelyne Gagné

President IWCC/CCLI

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