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Federation of Irish Wolfhound Club
IWCC/CCLI now an Associate member


     At the bi annual congress ( every two years) the ruling council, which is comprised of the delegates of the member clubs, meets. This year at Le Touquet in France, the articles of the Federation were changed to allow membership as Associates for those clubs who are non-FCI clubs. In the past only FCI affiliate clubs could be members in the Federation. Clubs who were not affiliated with FCI, could send "observers", and were welcomed in ruling council meetings, but had no official status.

     The ruling council approved the change in the articles of the Federation, and as we ( the IWCC) had submitted all of the required paperwork, and I was there to speak on behalf of the Club, we were approved as an Associate member. The Irish Wolfhound Club of Northern Ireland & The Irish Wolfhound Club ( England) are the other two associate members. Once there are 5 or more Associate members, they can elect among themselves one delegate who will sit on the Board of Directors.

     We had an anonymous donor pay for the IWCC's first year Club fees, which is based on membership numbers. This year the fee was 31 Euros.

     I continue to be impressed with the collaboration of these clubs... some of them are sighthound clubs, and most are IW clubs from different countries. This group keeps the Irish Wolfhound breed as its main focus. Each Congress event features topics and speakers that are of interest and benefit to Irish Wolfhound owners and breeders and judges. Their commitment to providing educational resources is noteworthy. At this congress the first FIWC Illustrated Standard of the Irish Wolfhound was released, and I was honored to be asked by the Irish Wolfhound Club of Ireland to make the presentation at the Congress. I was also one of 4 persons who worked on this document for the last year along with Betty Murphy, Jim Behan from Ireland and Outi Piisi Putta from Finland. This FIWC organization works together to provide a showcase of our breed with international competition, through a large specialty show hosted by a different country in Continental Europe every two years. These Congresses feature conformation competition, sometimes lure coursing, and always the business meetings and educational seminars for participants.

     It has been my good fortune to be able to attend 7 of these events since 2002, and I have been present for their Congresses in Belgium ( 2002), Slovenia (2008), Denmark (2010), Italy (2012), Finland (2014), Germany (2016) and France (2018). For the record, although I have been invited to all of the ruling council meetings as this group is very open and hospitable, this is the FIRST TIME I have participated as a representative of the Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada. This year the Club Treasurer, Judith Callender was also in attendance, and very impressed with the attitude and general demeanor of the group. Also for the record, no IWCC funds were expended to facilitate our attendance or participation.

Jocelyne Gagne

President, IWCC/CCLI


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