Rescue of any Irish Wolfhound in need has been a significant focus of the IWCC Club for decades, and it is there as a safety net when a hound is down on its luck. Throughout its history, the Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada has had an outstanding reputation of individual breeders and breed fanciers stepping up with personal time and resources to help a hound in need.

Rescue receives into its care hounds needing loving homes from time to time. The reasons vary — from puppy mills to irresponsible breeders to death, divorce, job loss, or other family crises. Finally, IWCC Rescue can also be a potential resource for breeders or owners who find it challenging to rehome an adult hound. IWCC Rescue is a place to find non-judgmental help in a challenging time for everyone involved.

Any Irish Wolfhound owner knows the sensitivity that these gentle giants possess. They are very people-oriented and must be part of the family. Irish Wolfhounds surrendered to rescue might be frightened and bewildered, but most have the potential to become wonderful family pets, deserving of someone to love them.

Surrendered hounds are placed into foster care; our rescue coordinators work with them have them evaluated by a veterinarian. Some may only require a check-up to confirm good health; others may need more attention, spayed or neutered, vaccinated as needed, and assess temperament and pertinent history. Matching up the right home from the people who have applied for a rescue hound is a big job, and we take as much time as we need to make the right match.

The cost of adopting a rescue IW is relatively modest. While we must recoup any veterinary expenses and food costs to help the subsequent rescue, our goal is not to make money. We work to place these hounds with one goal in mind: finding them a “forever” loving home. In addition, the hound is placed under contract and must come back to IWCC Rescue should the placement fail or circumstances change.

If you need to surrender your Irish Wolfhound, the first thing to do is contact your Breeder. Most breeders make a lifetime commitment to the puppies they produce and will take back a hound if an owner finds themselves in unexpected circumstances. Otherwise, please complete the surrender form.  (see below)

If you are interested in adopting fostering a Wolfhound, please download and complete the adoption/foster form found.  (see below)

 (Download the form, fill it out, save it and email it to:

(Téléchargez le formulaire, remplissez-le, enregistrez-le et envoyez-le par e-mail à :

 English IWCC Rescue Adoption_Foster Application form


 English IWCC Rescue Surrender Form

 Francais_CCLI formulaire d'adoption_foyer d'accueil


 Francais_ CCLI refuge formulaires de Renonciation


Remember that the numbers of Irish Wolfhounds coming to rescue are thankfully few. So if your genuine desire is to live with an Irish Wolfhound any time soon, please consider contacting our Breeder Liaison:

A word of caution: Asking prospective first-time buyers to think about the responsibility of owning an IW is not a throwaway issue. Despite the difficulties that may sometimes accompany the effort to obtain a puppy from a reputable breeder, buyers should be cautious before responding to internet and newspaper ads. There are plenty of unethical breeders advertising in national pet magazines, personal or puppy find webpages, Facebook, etc.; these are not the best sources of information about where to find an Irish Wolfhound.

If you see a dog in a shelter that you think is an Irish Wolfhound, don’t hesitate to contact one of the rescue committee members:

Bev Calvert National Coordinator

Emma Ross

Huguette Rainforth (bilingual)

Laurie Rutherford

To learn more about Irish Wolfhounds, become a member of IWCC. Your membership will give you access to a “member’s only” website section. A bulletin, produced four times a year, and regular newsletters sent by email keep you updated on club information and events.

IWCC offers new members a one-year free complimentary membership.

Anyone interested in doing a fundraiser for the IWCC Rescue, please get in touch with Bev Calvert at



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