The Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada (IWCC) seeks to protect and preserve the Irish Wolfhound. Due to the commitment made by breeders operating within the club and under the club's Code of Ethics, there are very few Irish Wolfhounds in need of rescue.

However, it can and does happen and the IWCC Rescue is there as a safety net when a hound is down on its luck, displaced or when owners find life circumstances make surrendering their beloved hound the right thing to do.

If you find you need to surrender your Irish Wolfhound, your breeder is usually the first place to turn. Most breeders make a lifetime commitment to the puppies they produce and will take back a hound should the situation arise.

Otherwise, IWCC Rescue is the place to find non-judgmental help in what is always a very difficult time for everyone involved.

If you are interested in adopting a rescue Irish Wolfhound, please complete the appropriate sections on the rescue questionnaire found as a downloadable attachment to the IWCC web site.

Do remember the numbers of Irish Wolfhounds coming into rescue are thankfully few. So if your real desire is to live with an Irish Wolfhound any time soon, please consider going through our Breeder Referral program. See the IWCC web site for contact information.

Should a dog become available, it will be vetted and if necessary spayed/neutered and vaccinated. An adoption fee will apply. All dogs placed through IWCC rescue must be returned to IWCC in the case the adoption does not work out.

If you see a dog in a shelter that you think is an Irish Wolfhound, please contact one of the rescue committee members listed under Rescue Contacts.

To learn more about the Irish Wolfhound, become a member of the Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada and receive The Bulletin, the IWCC's quarterly newsletter which is full of photos, stories and health information on the breed.

To foster or adopt an Irish Wolfhound choose one of the following forms:


 English IWCC Rescue Adoption_Foster Application form


 English IWCC Rescue Surrender Form

 Francais_CCLI formulaire d'adoption_foyer d'accueil


 Francais_ CCLI refuge formulaires de Renonciation



Anyone interested in doing a fundraiser for the IWCC Rescue, please contact Bev Calvert at



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