IWCC Breed Liaison

Many Irish Wolfhound Club Members are willing to have visitors come to their home and learn about this magnificent breed.

We call them Ambassadors. 

Ambassadors are not there to sell you puppies, but rather to answer your questions about this breed and to let you get hands on and see what it is like living in a household with them.

Many of our members are also breeders and may or may not have litters at the time, but will welcome you to visit by appointment. Sometimes they have older dogs for placement; these dogs are not rescues, but if the right hoime comes along, may be available for placement.

To receive an information packet, containing the Ambassador list and a list of Breeders who have puppies and older dogs at the current time, contact:

Huguette (Bilingual) at

Susan Humphries at

You should be comfortable with your breeder as your breeder should be there to offer you support through good times and bad.  The Club has prepared a list of Questions to Ask a Breeder (see below links).

If you have any concerns or questions about a Club breeder, please contact the Club Secretary 


   Ambassador / Breeder Introduction


  Questions to ask a Breeder (English)


  Questions to ask a Breeder (French)






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