What is a RESPONSIBLE Breeder?

What really sets a Responsible Breeder apart from a “person who just breeds”? The following is what the IWCC stands behind with regard to their member breeders. All member breeders are required to sign the IWCC Code of Ethics.

A Responsible Breeder (RB) will have years of experience and knowledge of the breed. They will have a clear understanding of all health issues associated with our dogs; will be very familiar with the breed standard and able to discuss each of its points; will also have a long term plan with regard to their breeding program, the main focus of which should be improvement, health and protecting the breed.

A RB prior to breeding will do the following;

  • Study and know the pedigrees of the dogs which will also include the health, longevity, type, temperament and soundness of the dogs they are considering.
  • Health test both sire and dame for potential defects which should include, but not be limited to heart, eyes, hips and elbows.
    A RB (which may also include the owner of the sire) will provide the following for their puppies
  • Careful screening of potential new homes which may include home visits, many hours of discussing health, diet, exercise and veterinary care for your puppy.
  • Will take the time to get to know you personally.
  • Will livershunt test their puppies at the recommended 9 weeks of age.
  • Will not place a puppy in their new home before recommended age of 10 weeks. This provides the time required for proper socialization and learning between siblings and dam.
  • Will discuss with new owners spaying/neutering and any alternatives available.
  • Will provide a life time of support and mentoring to all owners.
  • Will provide a contract which will include and clearly state, but not be limited to, that the breeder will take back any of their breeding and no dog shall be re-homed without prior permission from the breeder.

A RB is someone who is committed to each and every one of their puppies throughout its life which in turn means a life time commitment to you!

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