There will be an increase in Membership fees for 2018, with a subscription to hard copies of the Bulletin being separate from basic membership.  Please read the following for the new fees along with a message from the IWCC President. 

New Membership fees are as follows:

Canadian Membership - $40/year + $30/year for hard copies of the Bulletin
USA Membership - $45/year + $40/year for a hard copies of the Bulletin
International Membership - $45/year + $50/year for hard copies of the Bulletin

Please note:

  1. The discounted additional family membership fee is no longer available (all family members are required to pay the same amount)

  2. On Line Bulletins are available to all members

  3. Printed Bulletins are available only to members who have subscribed and paid the addition yearly fee for 4 issues.


IWCC Membership Fee Changes 2017: November 2017

At the Annual General meeting held on September 15, 2017 in Mission British Columbia the membership voted that members wishing to receive hard copies of the Club newsletter, the Bulletin, would have to cover the cost of printing and mailing of the newsletter for the year, in addition to the annual membership fee.

The membership fee continues to include access to the online version of the newsletter and the club chat list. Members who have achieved regular membership status in the USA and Canada will also be eligible to vote.

The current finances of the club necessitated a review of how to bring in additional revenue to cover increasing expenses and a concerted effort to cut back on expenses. There are several primary contributing factors to this situation.

There are four main sources of revenue for the club: donations, membership fees, interest from investments and specialty revenues

Membership fees have remained relatively stable. They have not increased in recent years, in spite of increasing expenses.

A decade ago, dog shows were huge events. Declining entries have been the bane of dog shows across Canada and the USA and our specialty events have also seen reduced numbers. Accordingly, the profits that we used to experience from the specialty events in years past, have been reduced to much smaller amounts of revenue for the club.

In the last decade revenue from our investments has dwindled due to the global reduction of interest on term deposits or guaranteed investment certificates. The reduction has been significant for the IWCC, and we have gone from earning 7% and 8% on our investments to 1% or less. In years past the club would receive upwards of $6,000 a year. In 2016 we earned $1388, in 2017 this year to date $950.00.

Several years ago the club was put on notice that it has to comply with the federal Not for Profit legislation and re write its Constitution and Bylaws. The Board of Directors prepared, and the membership passed, the new Constitution and Bylaws including the provision that the club have a Public Accountant conduct annual review engagements of the IWCC finances. The first year for review was 2015. The cost for this was estimated at $2,000 but when the actual bills came in from the accounting firm, the cost was closer to $2500. At the AGM in 2016 the club on motion appointed BDO to continue as the Club’s Public Accountant. A motion was brought to dispense with a Public Accountant at the 2017 AGM, albeit unsuccessfully. A unanimous vote by the members is required to dispense with the Public Accountant, and 2 members voted against the motion, so it failed. As a result a subsequent motion was made and passed to again appoint BDO the Public Accountant for the same review for the 2017 year.

Unfortunately, the price of this service is now well over $3500 plus HST. This is a significant increase to the club which will be incurred annually, undoubtedly with increases, until a unanimous vote dispenses with the Public Accountant.

The Board has sought to find a reputable accounting firm that would offer a reduced rate for this review engagement, but unfortunately, unless someone (who is a Public Accountant) is willing to donate their services, the going rate quoted is about $3,500 plus HST.

So, not only does the club face dwindling revenues, but a significant and uncontrollable increase in expenses, at this time, to pay a Public Accountant.

Another major expense to the club each year is the production of the Bulletin. Membership income no longer covers the cost of the production and mailing of the Bulletin. In 2017 the Club ran a one year test to see if there would be a large shift to on line Bulletin choices, with a $10 reduction in the cost of membership for online newsletters only. This has not resulted in any cost savings to the club. Currently Bulletin production in 2017 exceeds membership fees by more than $2,000 and we have a final issue remaining to be produced and sent out.

The combination of increasing expenses (Bulletin, Public Accountant) and reduction of income (lower interest rates & smaller profits from specialties) has significantly impacted the financial position of the club, so that we are operating at a loss in the last 2 years.

In an effort to keep membership fees reasonable and yet cover our expenditures, a motion was made by club members at the AGM to only include printed and mailed Bulletins to those members who pay for this subscription in addition to their annual member dues. The motion succeeded.

Starting in 2018 every Member will pay an annual fee for membership. There will no longer be a family membership (ie. Two club members in the same household paying a reduced rate). Every member will pay the annual fee dependent on their country of residence, with the exception of Junior Members (age 10-17) who will pay $10 for on line access to the Bulletin. Every member will be able to subscribe to a printed copy of the Bulletin for an annual fee.

We know that some members really like to review the Specialty or winter issue of the Bulletin. We are considering making this available as a stand alone issue if pre-paid prior to publication for those who do not wish to subscribe for the annual printed Bulletin. More details will be made available early in 2018.

My colleagues on the board and I wanted to be sure that members understood the need for these changes in the membership fees. The Board is working hard to keep the club solvent. Member efforts in this regard are also welcome!

Our treasurer has also provided figures for year to date below:

                2017 Income                                              2017 Expenses

       Memberships $ 4765                                        Bulletin $6235
               Donations $ 434                                         Insurance $1123
Investment income $ 950                       Public accountant $4000

                      Total $6149                                             Total $11,358

 The National Specialty Events are anticipated to break even


Jocelyne Gagné, President, IWCC

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