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Why join the Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada?

In addition to helping advance and protect this wonderful breed, you will meet a wonderful group of like-minded people at our various events. You will benefit from the experience of long-time breeders and owners sharing basics with novice owners. They can mentor you and assist you with any questions regarding care and feeding, training, behaviour concerns, health concerns, and even what vehicle to consider for your Wolfhound. You will learn about grooming, showing, training, and much more through educational seminars.

Our members are involved in all areas of dogs’ sport: showing dogs in conformation exhibitions, obedience and rally competition, lure coursing events, breeding, training, and therapy dog visitations. They also participate in Parades, Festivals, and Pet Fairs, allowing the public to meet and learn about this unique breed.

Feel free to contact us at any time to be connected with a member who can answer your questions. Our members are ready to answer ANY question regarding Wolfhounds.

Becoming a Member

In joining the IWCC, the applicant agrees to abide by the Constitution, the Bylaws, the Code of Ethics, and the Canadian Kennel Club rules and asserts their commitment to protecting and promoting the Irish wolfhound breed hounds.

New Canadian or USA members are Associates members for three consecutive years before becoming Regular members with voting rights and running for a position in the club BOD.

Individuals should select the basic membership depending on their country of residence. International Members are non-voting members and listed as Foreign Members.

Other individuals living in the same household may also become members by selecting the appropriate quantity of additional memberships. Our online quarterly club magazine “The Bulletin” is included with your subscription. Printed copies are available for a separate fee.

How to join the Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada?


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Renewals can also be sent in using the online fillable form below.

New members must apply using the online fillable application form and send in a signed copy of the Code of Ethics. (see below)


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(Download the form, fill it out, save it and email it to:

(Téléchargez le formulaire, remplissez-le, enregistrez-le et envoyez-le par e-mail à :

Please Note:  New members must send in a signed copy of the Code of Ethics

Veuillez noter : Les nouveaux membres doivent envoyer une copie signée du code d'éthique


Code of Ethics 2017


Le Code d’Éthique Officiel du Club Canadien du Lévrier Irlandais 2017


Please download, sign and send either by email to: or by post to:

Veuillez télécharger, signer et envoyer soit par email à : soit par la poster à :


IWCC c/o

Guylaine Gagnon (IWCC Membership Secretary}

Hemmingford, QC

(450) 247-3416


Please email with any membership questions you may have.

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