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The Irish Wolfhound: Symbol of Celtic Splendorby Mary R. McBryde

Deeply detailed, impeccably researched, this wonderful reference is a modern treasure trove of the practical, factual and fanciful about a spectacular animal that has protected kings and inspired bards before the days of Saint Patrick. As impressive as the giant it celebrates, this true cornerstone of the fanciers library offers a wealth of joyful discovery. Mary McBryde is a lifelong Irish Wolfhound authority and celebrated international judge. She has owned, bred and shown Irish Wolfhounds in the United States, Canada and Great Britain, where she now lives.

Irish Wolfhound Odyssey 'In search of Graham's hound'by Lois J. Thomasson The personal account of a life-long odyssey, in a journey to discover the Irish Wolfhound as Captain George A. Graham envisioned him. Among the contents: recollections of the early yeas in America, a discussion of breed type and how to use the blueprint to achieve it, the Standard as rewritten by three stalwarts in the breed, the importance of the Deerhound connection, what makes a successful breeder, and notable quotes. 134 pages, soft-bound, with eighty black and white photos. About the Author: Lois J. Thomasson has been breeding Irish Wolfhounds under her Fleetwind kennel name for forty-five years. She has bred over seventy champions of record, including numerous Group, Specialty and Best in Show winners. Her articles and columns have appeared in such magazines as Kennel Review, Popular Dogs, The Gazehound, and the American Kennel Club Gazette.

Price: $25.00 plus $3.00 Postage (U.S.) Available from: Lois J. Thomasson, 18331 Corral del Cielo, Salinas, California 93908


Raising, Showing and Breeding The Irish Wolfhoundby Elizabeth C. Murphy

The latest edition in softcover can be ordered from Emma Ross or from the author: Miss Elizabeth C. Murphy, Carrokeel Lodge, Peamount Lane Newcastle, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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The Irish Wolfhound - A Collection of Photographs and Pedigrees by Elizabeth C. Murphy

Available from the author Miss Elizabeth C. Murphy, Carrokeel Lodge, Peamount Lane Newcastle, Co. Dublin, Ireland


The Irish Wolfhoundby Phyllis Gardner

Available from Miss Elizabeth C. Murphy, Carrokeel Lodge, Peamount Lane Newcastle, Co. Dublin, Ireland


The Brabyns Handbook on Irish Wolfhoundsby D.E.S. Hudson

Available from John Sharpe, Post Office Stores, High Street, Great Eversden Cambridgeshire, U.K. CB3 7HN


The New Complete Irish Wolfhoundby Joel Samaha


The Irish Wolfhound Guide by Gen. Alfred deQuoy

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The Irish Wolfhound in Competitionby Gen. Alfred deQuoy

Irish Wolfhound Saga: a Trilogyby Gen. Alfred deQuoy


Modern Wolf and Irish Wolfhound Skeletons by Gen. Alfred deQuoy

The Complete Irish Wolfhound (Third Edition) by Alma J. Starbuck

The Irish Wolfhound Great Symbol of Ireland by J. Donovan


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You and Your Irish Wolfhound by J. Donovan


The Irish Wolfhound by John F. Gordon

Many of the books listed above may be ordered from Chapters or Amazon Books. By ordering through Chapters or Amazon, up to 15% of the purchase price will be donated to The Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada which through the Lou Kelly Fund makes donations to medical research. Please consider supporting the Club's efforts and order your books through this site by clicking on a specific Amazon icon above or on either of the logos below. Please return to the Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada site for all your book orders. Thank you for your support.


Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada 2000 National Specialty Video - set of 4 videos - contact The Dog's Kitchen Inc. P.O. Box 2569 Station Main Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 3W8 (604) 738-3647 - Toll Free 1-800-617-3647 - email:

Treats and Wooden Spoons with Ulli Peiler - New video on training - available from Emma Ross e-mail

What to look for and how to assess it when judging an IW by Mary McBryde - New video - available from Emma Ross e-mail:

The Irish Wolfhound Breed Standard with Elizabeth C. Murphy - available from Emma Ross e-mail:

The Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada B.C. Regional Specialty - available from Emma Ross e-mail:

Irish Wolfhound Video On Movement by Jill Bregy - Following the IWCC BC Regional Specialty on May 14th 1999, Jill Bregy of Wildisle IW's, put on a seminar about movement. Hounds were used to demonstrate different problems with movement and Ms Bregy narrated throughout the video.

$15.00 from the sale of each video goes to the IWCC BC Rescue Fund as does each sale of the Elizabeth Murphy and Mary McBryde videos. To order: Mail your cheque or money order in the amount of $43.95 (includes postage) and made payable to Emma Ross/IWCC BC Rescue Fund. This is in Canadian Funds. For US orders either send the Canadian equivalent in US funds or send the total in US funds and the balance will be donated to Rescue. Please e-mail to reserve your copy of this fabulous video and mail your cheque to Emma Ross, 11977 Stave Lake Road, RR #3 Mission, BC, V2V 4J1



The Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada Bulletin - available with IWCC membership

The Irish Wolfhound Magazine - great magazine with all the U.K. news - available from John Sharpe, Post Office Stores, High Street, Great Eversden, Cambridgeshire, U.K. CB3 7HN

The Sighthound Review available from Jim and Cathy Gaidos e-mail

The Irish Wolfhound Quarterly available from Hoflin Publishing Ltd. e-mail:


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