IWCC Handbook - Code of Ethics

  1. All members of the IWCC will strive to protect the Irish Wolfhound as an individual and as a breed from abuse, neglect, suffering and cruelty.
  2. All members of the IWCC will abide by and follow regulations set forth by the Canadian Kennel Club and IWCC.
  3. All members will provide their hounds with proper housing, food, fresh water, adequate exercise, proper veterinary care and supervision when loose.
  4. All members will refrain from making false or unfair statements about fellow breeders, exhibitors or members of the IWCC. All members will do their best to help other members with queries or questions and above all demonstrate good sportsman-like behaviour at all times.
  5. All members are encouraged to keep a good working relationship with local authorities, both civic and police, when practicing rescue procedures of dogs.
  6. Members/breeders should be very familiar with the standard before breeding with the aim being improvement of the breed. Consideration must be given to type, temperment, health and soundness.
  7. All bitches/dogs and litters must be registered with the CKC, if born or owned in Canada. Foreign born or owned hounds must comply with the regulations of the National Club of their home country. Puppies must be sold with the requisite papers including: registration, pedigree, written selling agreement, health guarantee, diet and exercise recommendations.
  8. Breeders are strongly encouraged to include testing of their breeding stock for heart, hips, elbows, eyes and any other potential health problem. Breeders are strongly urged not to breed a hound with a known health defect, nor to knowingly sell an Irish Wolfhound who is not in a healthy condition or has any communicable disease without full disclosure.
  9. Breeders are strongly encouraged to test all litters for livershunt and to have individual puppies checked by a veterinarian for general health and heart murmurs.
  10. No puppies should leave the breeder before 8 weeks. No puppies/dogs of any age shall be sold/donated/raffled to pet shops, labs, brokers or security firms or to areas overseas that do not have similar standards of animal welfare.
  11. Breeders selling a puppy/adult as companion quality are strongly encouraged to use the CKC non-breeding agreements and to also encourage spaying/neutering of said puppy/adult.
  12. No bitch should be bred before the age of 2 years or after 6 unless she is in excellent health.
  13. No bitch should be bred on consecutive seasons except in extenuating circumstances.
  14. Breeders will be discriminating in the sale of puppies and adult dogs, with the type of homes in which they are placed, screening for accommodations, exercise, humane treatment and veterinary care.
  15. Breeders should advise the prospective puppy owners of the characteristics of the breed, encourage the owner to be in communication and be prepared to take back any hound for whatever reason. The owner of the stud dog has the same responsibility as the owner of the brood bitch.
  16. Owners will abide by the terms of any contract with the breeder and will never sell or give away their hound without permission from the breeder.


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