Friends of the Irish Wolfhounds

– "to safeguard the well being of Irish Wolfhounds"

Friends of the Irish Wolfhound is a volunteer group of individuals banded together to assist any IW in need.

We, (the IWCC rescue review committee), would like to compile a database of "friends" that would like to help a hound that may be falling between the cracks. From this database of "friends" we would also like to create a rescue directory that could be sent out once a year with the membership list. Having the directory sent to all members would facilitate better networking and assist the committee in helping an IW when the need arises.

How might a "friend" help?

  • Help the IWCC rescue committee by keeping an eye out for IW's at local shelters {this could be done online or in person} or watch for them in classified ads. (The more eyes and ears we have to help a hound in need the better.)
  • Checking out the local shelters when and where there is a report of an IW. {Shelters will be receiving support materials from the committee to help identify what we as a club rescue can do to help them and the IW}
  • Transporting a dog, that the rescue committee has identified as needing assistance, to either its foster home or its forever home.
  • Applying to foster an IW that has been rescued until it can be suitably rehomed.
  • Apply to adopt a rescued hound. Can you find room in your heart, home and bank account for a gentle giant?
  • Donate new or gently used toys, bedding, food dishes/waterbowls, crates or other supplies; that might assist a foster or forever home with a rescued hound.
  • Donate cash to rescue fund, to offset costs of getting an IW from a shelter/Humane Society such as veterinary expenses, food and supply costs.
  • Help with fundraising. Shelters and Humane Societies will charge a fee for a hound being released to the club rescue.
  • Sponsor a rescued hound. Perhaps you can't adopt or foster, but could sponsor a hound until it can be placed.
  • Volunteer to be one of the Provincial or Area Rescue Reps.

Interested in joining the FRIENDS of Irish Wolfhounds group?

Please provide us with the following information and forward it to the National Coordinator as listed under Rescue Contacts

Your Name:

Your Phone Number:

Your E-mail address:

Tell us what you are willing to do to help our IW's in need. (Such as: transporting, fostering {an application needs to be filled out}, adopting a hound in need {application required}, help with fundraising, sponsoring a gentle giant)

Thank you in advance.


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