IWCC Ontario Regional Specialty

September 16, 2016

Conformation Judge:  Elizabeth Thornton, Mochras, UK
Sweepstakes Judge:  Emma Ross, Cnoccarne, Canada

Best in Sweepstakes - Cugein Trace of Cheniff
Best of Oppostie Sex in Sweepstakes - Gilda of Aerie
Best Baby Puppy in Sweepstakes - Taliesin's Dairine

Best of Breed - CH Wolfhaven Josie of Aerie
Best of Oppostie Sex, BOW, WD - Taliesin's Rhionganedd
Select Dog - GCH Cugein Orgtega of Castlekeep
Select Bitch - CH Starkeeper Rena's Rogue
AOM, WB - Lismore Lovely Wentworth Howell
AOM - CH Kinvarna at Curiann
Best Puppy in Specialty - Gilda of Aerie
RWD - Kinglir at Curiann
RWB - Rockhart Raphaela Requiem
Field Trial Dog - Starkeeper's Ryn, NC
Filed Trial Bitch - Starkeeper Antrim's Elvira of Echohounds, NC
Altered Best of Breed - GCH Sylverwolf Grady Glasglaenn
Brace - Carrickaneena Greenore, Carrickaneena Anna Liffty
Team - Starkeeper Laislinn on the Edge of Glory, CH Glenamadda Starkeeper Clodagh, Starkeeper Nuala O'Ard Rhi, CH Starkeeper Rena's Rogue
Stud Dog - GCH Cugein Ortega of Castlekeep
Brood Bitch - Carrickaneena Greenore
Head - CH Castlekeep's Hemmingford Hemmie
Hindquarters - CH Starkeeper Rena's Rogue
Gait - CH Castlekeep's Hemmingford Hemmie

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