LGRA Results

Large Gazehound Racing Association
IW Only Specialty Race Meet

September 23, 2017

High Score, First Time Entered, Conformation Hound - CH Karontara Sylverwolf Don't Call Me Sugar
Second Place, Best Opposite - Starkeeper s Guardian of Gotham
Third Place - Starkeeper Antrim's Elvira of Echohounds GRC, NC
Fourth Place, High Score Veteran - Taliesin's Realta Gheal I Bodach GRC
Fifth Place - Odeanwolf's Sheila
High Score Field Champion - CH Starkeeper's Ryn NC, FCH, GRC
Turtle Award - CH Padraigin Von Luchemer Bruckchen

Large Gazehound Racing Association
IWCC National Meet

10 Starters (all new runners)
September 17, 2017

High Score, First Time Entered High Score - August Calypso
Second High Score - Berrybriar Cnoccarne Sage of the Past
Third High Score - Heathview Lagertha
Best Opposite, Fourth High Score, High Score Veteran, Turtle Award - Cnoccarne Cu Na Doiri Beagagh

IWCC  - LGRA - Quebec Regional

Date: June 1, 2014

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High Score

Glenamadda Independence Day


2014 LGRA Quebec Regional HS web

Large Gazehound Racing Association
IWCC National Meet

13 Starters
September 16, 2016

High Score - Starkeeper Antrim Elvira of Echo Hounds, GRC, NC

There was no IWCC National LGRA Meet in 2013







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