The Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada (IWCC) is a not for profit organization that was created to protect and advance the Irish Wolfhound breed of dog in Canada.

Our membership includes people of all ages and from all walks of life, those owned by hounds in the past, present, those planning to add future hounds to their households and those who simply admire and enjoy this wonderful breed.

Our wolfhounds are pets and show champions, lure coursers and therapy dogs, but each and every one is also a companion, friend, confidant and much loved family member.


The meeting to establish “The Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada” was held at the home of Mr. James G. Reynolds on Sunday, March 14, 1971.

The first Executive was:

  • President: Mr. James G. Reynolds,
  • Vice President: Mrs. Wm. R. Morrison,
  • Vice-President: Mrs. A. H. Lee,
  • Sec. Treas.: Mrs. Rene de la Roche,
  • Directors: Mr. G. Laughton, Mrs. John Scarlett, Mr. Allan Fournier, Mrs. J. Sikora, Mrs. C. F. Daley, Mrs. Wm. R. Morrison, Mrs. Rene de la Roche, Mr. Rene de la Roche and Mr. Allan Fournier.

1971 booster best of breed

The membership was 37 and the cash on hand $282.41. These founding members all remained active in the Club for many years and several of these names are still familiar as working members of the Club today.

The first Booster Show was run by Greg and Jacquie Laughton at Burlington, Ontario on September 25, 1971.

By 1972 many things were underway. A Booster Show was held on March 25, 1972 at the Can. Nat. Sportsman’s Show and the first Specialty was held at Kars, Ontario on July 15, 1972, with Mary Jane Ellis judging. A Committee had started working on a Code of Ethics and the Club was gaining members from all over the Continent.

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