Happy New Year !  On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Irish Wolfhound club of Canada I wish you all the very best for the coming year and hope that you will support the club in its endeavors to safeguard our magnificent hounds and promote their health and welfare.  I encourage you to join the Club, and if you are a member, to volunteer to work on a project that interests you,  participate in fundraising, make a donation, assist with race meets or lure coursing for our breed, or actively take a role in hosting a specialty or support the entry of wolfhounds with a booster at a dog show.  There are many ways that you can assist. Our Club is only as good as the contributions of our membership.   Please contact the Club Secretary or a Board member in your area to volunteer with the Club to help support our beloved Irish Wolfhounds.  Your participation is appreciated.
You will see that we have posted a message from the Chairman of the Federation of Irish Wolfhound Clubs.  This organization is devoted to promoting the Irish Wolfhound, and has a particular interest in health and longevity.  The FIWC works to co-ordinate the efforts of independent Irish Wolfhound Clubs and facilitates the sharing of information.  The IWCC is pleased to have been the first non-European Club to be accepted into associate membership of the Federation.
Jocelyne Gagne
President IWCC/CCLI

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