About Irish Wolfhounds and Puppies

Is an Irish Wolfhound the right breed for you?

Some people become interested in the breed because of their own heritage, others just like the look of them and when they meet them, most people fall in love with Irish wolfhounds. However, wolfhounds are unique dogs with special requirements; therefore, much thought should precede purchasing one. They really are not for everyone.

An Irish Wolfhound puppy often changes your lifestyle. If you don't already have a large vehicle, one will quickly become necessary. Soon it will be obvious that you want a home with acreage. Vet costs for such large dogs are often higher and of course food has to be purchased in large quantities. Don't expect them to bark or growl at strangers; they don't make good guard dogs. They are devoted to and enjoy the company of their humans and are happiest when kept in your home rather than outside in a kennel. Once wolfhounds are past the puppy stage, when they can be quite destructive, they are easy to live with. Irish Wolfhounds are a wonderful breed for those who have a large safely fenced exercise area, aren't regularly away from home for hours and don't mind spending a lot of time with, and money on, their dog.

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